Mustang Infinity

Keith’s 1965 F100


I got the  truck in southern Missouri early spring of 2011.  I needed a project because I was going insane having nothing to do. Got it stored for a couple months until I finished moving in the summer. I’m just doing little at a time, doing what I can out of pocket as I get it.

Here’s the link for the FTE.com thread:


When I first got it this spring.

My girlfriend took this pic, something about the angle I like a lot. Toolbox came with it.

’63 with a six cylinder behind it. Much worse condition.

Where it currently resides as I fix it up.

First thing I did was take out the interior to see what I had to work with.

Rust pics:


New dual exhaust I bought on FTE.com with Flowtech headers and glasspacks. It was too cheap to pass up.

I started in on some of the wiring, I’m probably not doing this in ‘correct’ order but I’m doing what is free first. These are two mystery wires that I haven’t been able to figure out yet. Gotta look over a wiring diagram again.

Got the tail lights put in with new bulbs. The right side got hit just ahead of the tail light but it still fit so I’m not too worried about it right now.

Previous owner put a delay wiper switch in. But it was shoddy to be nice. I took it out along with other mystery stuff they did.

I was able to get the headlights in but I think I’m missing some hardware so they’re not in there securely.



Got the truck by jumping the starter and coil with gas out of a can. Fuel filter is totally clean, but didn’t want to chance who knows how old gas/fluids in the gas tank. I cleaned up the carb somewhat, it ran better at least afterwords. I’ve got a ignition on order, didn’t have any keys when I bought it and what was there was destroyed. I drilled out the key switch and took the housing out.  I need to also track down a radiator soon so it can be run longer.

I don’t have power anywhere though, so I’ve got a bad connection that needs to be tracked down. That’s on the docket coming soon. I’ll do my best to keep updated here and on FTE forum.



Here is where my wiring issues were centered.  Instead of the main harness being plugged into the power side of solenoid it was grounded to the inner fender where you can see the ground wire for the alternator attached. So now I’ve got power to the key like its supposed to, power to the dash, headlights, tail-lights etc etc. But now the key cylinder I got from NAPA won’t fit in the housing. It’s just barely not correct so it won’t work. Oh and the factory radio still works.

Headlights working, high/low beam switch works too.

I won’t be able to see if brakelights work until I swap out my ’76 I-beams with disks and plumb everything up.


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