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This is my dog KeeKee.  She is a Schipperkee.  At the time I had gotten her,I had to drive from Maine to Vermont because there was no one in my area that had them.

When she was a real small puppy, 2 pounds or so, she chased the cat out the cat hole (you have a doggie door, I have a cate door) in the wall and fell down some stairs and broke her little tooth pick size leg.  She is all better now, but even with the cast on, she would chase and pummel the cats with the cast.  Take a look at the cats I have, just a hint, one is 13 pounds, and the other is 29.  And this 9 pound dog, will chase and pound on the cats, and they just lay there and play with her.

Yes, I can stand.

Stink (yellow) Jackson (black)

Here are my two cats, Stink, the yellow one, and Jackson, the black one.  They are real nice lovable cats and are quite active in the spring time.  Although the black one likes to sleep, we push him out the door in the morning. The yellow one is around 13 because he is very active and has lost weight now that spring is here.

So if your wondering, yes, that is a big cat.  He is not any part coon or anything else, he is all normal plain cat.  Last time i weighed him, he topped out at 29 pounds.  (unfortunatly in 2007 I came home and found that he had died of a hairball that blocked his airway, he had grown to approximatly 38lbs and still very active)



Wheres my pespsi, I told you to get me a pepsi. While your up, get that stupid dog to stop barking.

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