Mustang Infinity

93 5.0 Turbo T-Bird

Turbo 5.0 T-Bird

I was bored but didnt have the time really to do this page  but here is a glimpse of the car      i sometimes have a monster gararge type build day  but we usually try to get it all done in a weekend because we all have college to go to on monday    but we started this around 6 or so on friday  and 42 hours later with no sleep  2 and sometimes 3 of us  got it started and drove it out at 2 on sunday afternoon  the turbo is from a 7.3 powerstroke   it is way too big for the car and it takes til 2000 rpm before it really starts spooling up   and even with no wastegate  it makes about 17 psi at 5500 rpm  and when it hits the rev limiter it makes around 20psi   i have a weak bov on it right now which regulates it around 12psi  so until i get it running properly (dont ask)  ill leave it at 12 psi

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