Mustang Infinity

94 GT

It has been a long time in the works, but it now is done (05)   The turbo is from a 1ton ford 7.3 Powerstroke diesel.  Is it a little large for the engine, maybe to some people, but not to me.  The turbo works pretty well to me, it spools around 3k.  I can cruise around, off boost just fine, and when I want the power, a single downshift gets me plenty.   Supporting mods include 30lb injectors, 190lph pump (soon to be dual pumps), Procharger FMU, and the Anderson Motorsports PMS computer. Many more mods to come but I havent had time to install, like an edelbrock perf rpm intake, bbk 75mm tb, aeromotive fuel rails, aeromotive regulator, dual fuel lines, and other stuff I cant think of right now.
I built this all stainless turbo system myself, it is not a kit, nothing was bought except for straight and mandrel bent stainless tubing.
Big thanks to The Guys who helped out and kept the project secret until it was done,  JAKE GAVIN KEITH NATE WYATT.
Thanks also to my Father, I really couldnt have done it without his help either.  His input and his patience, with my car in the shop for a month, was a valuable asset.
Too much work, naaa, its worth it in the end.  My father was all about polishing the stainless, and I really liked the blue/gold finish after heat cycling.

Outlet fitment.

Not too bad a weld job for learning to tig weld on this project.

Back in the car to check everything.

Back out of the car to polish,  OOOOH, Shiny

Turbo Power
Now that I have had the turbo on my car for a while now, I have actually blown 3 sets of headgaskets.  I suppose the stock gasket does not like 20psi for very long.  I have since bought a 52mm wastegate, and she runs a steady 10psi and loves it.  My engine management is the Anderson PMS.  It is a piggyback computer management with an adjustable rpm standalone mode which overrides the stock computer completely, but still allows the ecu to control idle and low rpm functions.  Its really an amazing rig, but i have not had experiance with any other tuning systems other than this one.  I would like to try tweecer sometime just to see how it works but thats later I suppose.  Here is the Anderson Ford Motorsports website on the PMS system, http://www.andersonfordmotorsport.com/pms/pms-50.html , it so far has worrked great. The PMS has a 2bar map sensor (or optional 3bar that I have) for boost reference and you can change your timing and fuel according to set rpm levels, and then it will extrapolate the curve to fit your input numbers, its easier than you having to input numbers for every rpm or every 500 or even 1000 rpm increments.  So far I have not had any bad luck with this unit.  I would like to ge the Interacq software for it to be tuned with my laptop, but i cant afford the cost right now.
So far my only dragstrip time with the turbo setup has been a 13.16 @ 113.66 with a very sad 2.4 60′ time,  which means it has a lot of potential left in it.  That time was with my burnout tires which are a sad 225/60/16.  I couldnt manage to find a better set of tires to borrow for the day.  On that same day with the 5th pass, I blew the engine up when i tried giving it a 150shot of nitrous.  Oh well, Life goes on.
In The Beginning

This is my daily driver.  It has never seen an easy day of driving since I bought it in June 2000.  I bought it with 100k and change, and now it has 154k of hard, neglected, miles.  Now after 54000 miles of my abuse, I decided to do a tune up on it.  Now it runs like a 5.slow supposed to.  When I bought it in southern Maine, I was only 30 min from the 1/4 mile track in Epping, NH.  NewEngland Dragway is the closest 1/4 mile strip to Maine.  But anyway, in bone stock form, with 100k on the clock, I could only manage a 15.1 @ 91mph.  That was not very impressive, but it was one of the most consistant cars at the track.   Now after 4 years of owning this car, and putting up with its anemic power characteristics, I decided to give it a “Tune Up,”  my way.  When I got done “Tuning” it ran a 14.522 @ 94.19 on a very hot and tired clutch. (my non-performance buddy run a 14.7 right before me and helped cook the clutch) For the few 1/8th mile guys like me,  that is a 9.347 @ 75.7mphMore “Tuning” to come.


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