Mustang Infinity

Building the TURBO


Starting to clean up the head flange and get the pipe fitted to the port shape.

All pipes fitted to head flanges and pipes tacked into place for mockup to the crossover pipe from the othe side header.

Log with holes for each port pipe cut and fitted.  Still need rear pipe fitted to 90 degree bend from crossover pipe. 

Last pipe in and ready to fit.  Waiting for crossover up-pipe.

Turbo set into place. (dont look at the outlet downpipe yet)

Downpipe in and mocked up…Pretty darn tight fit, but even the A/C fits through the mess.

Didnt really have to relocate the alternator, but I thought it looked better down there instead of up and trying to take attention away from the awesome looks of the turbo.  (but the turbosystem was built so that the alternator will fit in the stock location as well)

Out and ready to weld…looking great so far.

Fenderwell side of log manifold.  Great fitment other then that last pipe.  Not looking forward to all that tig welding…

Engine side of log manifold.  Nice fitment in most places, the big gap in the rear will get a filler piece to fill it in.

This pic shows the small bends nessisary to get around the starter (and it is darn close)

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