Mustang Infinity

Throttle Body Upgrade

Here is my take on a cheap throttle body upgrade for our older trucks…. If you have a chunk of billet 6061 aluminum and a cnc mill (what i used for throttle bores) and a bridgeport mill.   I was going to do the bores on my lathe but the cnc mill at work was begging for a car project.

The throttle body is off a 03 cobra, but the v10 tb is the same size, and I think the 5.4 dual tb is also the same.  Measure it before you invest though.   Stock 5.0/5.8 302/351 tb is only 2″ and the v10/cobra tb is 2 1/4″  (58mm)  Quite an upgrade if you can make it work.

At a minimum youll need 1″ of spacer for the new tb, and 2″ to make it the same height as the stock tb.  No worries if you are building your own cold air intake or are thrifty enough to make the stock single maf hose work (those with SD and the dual hoses are screwed…until I make the filler block to make our dual hose airbox one huge single outlet)

Im still working on it, I run out of time and was freezing in the garage so I didnt finish it like I wanted.  I need to borrow a tap from work so I can use the stock IAC bolts.   Unfortunately the iac will need to be on the opposite side (passenger side) because the newer tb has the stock iac bypass holes on the wrong side, and there isnt enough material to remachine the tb.  I dont mind lengthening the wire harness for this, Im more interested in making sure I get the holes the right size so it doesnt cause idle surge.






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